adidas originals white It’s time for Pitino to go

adidas fleece pants It’s time for Pitino to go

Whether he knew anything about the alleged bribery the program’s latest of many scandals since Pitino left the Boston Celtics and arrived in Louisville he is in charge of the program.

What happens within it is his responsibility.

A sex scandal involving minors should have been the end for everyone involved in the program at the time. So whether Pitino had any involvement in the most recent impropriety should make no difference. When it comes to ethics and college athletics, the rule should be one strike and you’re out. Three strikes should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that it’s time for a change in the Louisville basketball program.

Imagine Louisville basketball as a Fortune 500 company. If that company was involved in three major scandals over a decade with at least one of those offenses directly involving the CEO and two of them involving the FBI, that CEO would be rightfully fired, no matter how he ran the company otherwise.

Pitino needs to do the right thing and retire. Slip away from the limelight to help Louisville rebuild its reputation. Maybe that will even save the 2013 national championship.

If he’s not willing to leave on his own, athletic director Tom Jurich or the University of Louisville Board of Trustees to make the decision for him. As soon as possible. There’s no reason to wait.

At this point, winning and losing should be an afterthought for the university. Repairing the character of an institute of higher education should always come before athletic accomplishments. As many of us know, that’s not the case at far too many universities.

Following the last scandal you know, the one that involved statutory rape and prostitutes Pitino and his program should have been above reproach. Instead, the FBI claimed Tuesday that an unnamed Cardinals’ assistant coach and Adidas officials “conspired to illicitly funnel approximately $100,000” to land an unnamed 5 star recruit in July.

Pitino’s “Hear no evil, see no evil” routine saved his job during the last investigation. This one should be the final nail in the coffin. If it’s not, the shame falls on the entire university, not just the basketball program.

It’s Pitino’s job to know what’s going on with his program. There are only two choices here: serious irresponsibility and ignorance or blatant and deliberate cheating on his part.

Neither one should be acceptable to Louisville fans.

The University of Louisville’s reputation is now on the line. Extortion, bribery, statutory rape, cheating. It has to end. Now.
adidas originals white It's time for Pitino to go

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