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As spring finally emerges in the northern hemisphere, it slowly becomes apparent which drivers will stand out for 2011 and which will underperform and fade into the sunset. The Callaway FT iZ driver will be one of the drivers that people will still talk about in 2012, and for golf clubs, that says quite a bit. The new FT iZ was introduced as part of the Callaway FT series and is designed similar to and succeeds the Callaway FT iQ driver.

The FT iQ, launched in 2010, was one of Callaway’s more abstract driver head shapes. This driver featured a very square shaped driver head whose sole purpose was to improve driving accuracy by producing a more square club face at impact. Although this technology proved beneficial in improving driving accuracy, the FT iQ’s square head shape was also determined to be a little bit slower at the moment of impact because of more aerodynamic drag. Thus spurring on the design for the 2011 Callaway FT iZ driver.

As mentioned, the main change in the FT iZ is the “sleekening” of the clubhead. The Callaway FT iZ driver is engineered with a more elongated, curved and aerodynamic clubhead but still maintains all the benefits of the sqaure shaped FT iQ in terms of driving accuracy. The FT iZ does this by containing 75% of the clubhead’s weight in the face and the weighted heel. The center part of the driver head is constructed of the lightest carbon fibre fusion body Callaway has ever produced, therefore ensuring maximum distance with greater club head stability for accuracy.

Due to the strategic polar weighting, the Callaway FT iZ driver has a driver head more stable than ever before. What this means is the spin rate coming off of the driver head is more consistent throughout the club face, therefore drastically improving the consistency, distance and accuracy of your mishits. Superior engineering and technology have made a large impact on the high end driver scene as Callaway continues to impress.

If you are planning on purchasing any new driver this season, make sure you do your research first. Having the biggest, baddest 460cc driver does not necessarily mean your game will be improving. If your new 460cc driver has an extra stiff shaft with a 8 degree club face and you’re a gentleman in his seventies, chances are you will be in the woods more often than the fairway off the tee.

My point is that club fitting is very important to get the most out of your new driver. If you’re unsure what I’m referring to, talk to your local PGA pro. But some basic guidelines to follow when choosing a new driver are as follows. Shaft flex and clubhead loft are the two most important things to keep an eye on. If you have a very slow swing, make sure you choose a regular shaft, possibly even a senior shaft. If you rip at the ball, a stiffer shaft will ensure the clubhead does not get too far in front of you and cause a severe hook. In terms of face loft, it is always a good idea to go with a little more loft for accuracy sake. You should really only be going less than 9 degrees if you are quite skilled. I always say you’re better off 250 down the middle than 300 in the trees. Make sure you choose the right specs when choosing your Callaway FT iZ driver.
adidas vintage sweatshirt iz Is Brilliantly Engineered

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