ladies adidas gazelle Ithu oru Tamizh kalavai padam

adidas gym wear Ithu oru Tamizh kalavai padam

It’s a small village in the south. Though there is no proper rain in India for the last 2 years and is drought everywhere, the rice fields of our hero are always green and water flows from the well all the time. Our hero who is a very poor person working on the fields jumps into the scene wearing Reebok shoes and Rayban glasses on the fields and starts singing “Oruvan oruvan muthalali”. The cattle too sing with him. So does the girls in the fields.

After the song is over, the hero gets back to work grazing the cattle on the road instead of the fields. Suddenly a car’s horn sounds at the back of the hero and ultra modern heroine gets out of the BMW car. Hero turns around and gives a lecture about importance of goats and cows to the Indian economy for 1 hour. Heroine gets mesmerized with his speech and fall in love with him. The next day, heroine goes to the fields in her so called dress and tries to seduce our hero. But hero gives another 1 hour lecture on how girls should dress in India. Heroine is seen in Kanchipuram silk saree standing on the 35 degree hot weather. Hero also falls in love with her and both of them dance “Rock and Roll baby” in modern clothes in the rice fields.

Heroine’s father,
ladies adidas gazelle Ithu oru Tamizh kalavai padam
who is the villain of the movie knows about their love and insults that hero is poor and he can’t marry his daughter. Hero who has never went to school vows that he will become a software engineer and become rich in 1 year and will return to the village to marry heroine. Hero and Heroine dance for “Kadhal website ondru” in Switzerland before he leaves the village. Hero is seen wearing old dhoti and a towel over his shoulders with a laptop in his hand that heroine has gifted him as a token of their love. The screen shows “Intermission”. I am just modifying it content wise. Jey

September 24, 2006 10:39 PM PDTWhere can I get these kind of imaginations??? From tamil movies only! :DSeptember 24, 2006 04:14 PM PDTI didnt even think about using Aurora Borealis image here. But Yeah. The image would have been cooler than this. But again,
ladies adidas gazelle Ithu oru Tamizh kalavai padam
this is not Aurora Borealis. I am using this name just to mean Dawn or Daybreak!

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