adidas flock hoody Journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Bengaluru

adidas shirts Journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Bengaluru

Newspapers across the country extensively covered senior journalist Gauri Lankesh murder on Wednesday. Nearly all of them cited a string of incidents in which the press has been targeted and journalists killed in the recent years.

Lankesh (55), the editor of Kannada tabloid Gauri Lankesh Patrike, was shot dead by three mean outside her house in Bengaluru on Tuesday. Aligned with the Komu Sohar da Vedike, Lankesh was in the forefront of efforts to bring Naxals into the mainstream and at loggerheads with Hindutva forces, including RSS, the article said.

The Indian Express

The Indian Express ran with a banner headline: who spoke her mind is shot dead another article, titled Lankesh on last day: Rohingya tragedy, gay rights, Gorakhpur deaths the Express listed the issues Lankesh spoke about on the day she was killed. It also cited Lankesh tribute to her late father on Teachers Day.

her Kannada weekly, Gauri Lankesh carried at least eight stories critical of the central government and its leaders over the last three months. In her last weekly column, the journalist wrote on the Gorakhpur Hospital tragedy. before she was shot dead, Lankesh posted a photograph of herself with her father, the late journalist P Lankesh. absentee father most times but a wonderful teacher of life My Appa!! Happy teachers day, she wrote. The article headline described her as Lankesh: A firebrand journalist who never minced words recent years, 55 year old Gauri Lankesh was among the strongest critics of Hindutva politics in Karnataka. There were threats, defamation cases and controversies galore, but she fought them with courage.

another free voice silenced in Gauri murder was the headline of one of the article, some of which focused on her achievements and her life. Its lead report was headlined, style murder of Gauri Lankesh and it said she was a thinker at her Bengaluru house. There was a pictorial representation of how the assailants shot dead Lankesh.

Kannada daily Vijaya Karnataka dedicated a three column space for the main report of Lankesh murder. The article, Lankesh murdered featured images of a crowd outside the journalists residence as an ambulance takes carries body.

Another daily, Prajavani, ran with a straight headline while the sub head said Lankesh died on the spot after two scooter borne assailants shot her.

An obituary of Gauri Lankesh written by KS Dakshina Murthy for Hindustan said: was attacked, roughed up but never gave in Murthy tribute spoke of Lankesh nature and her bravery in standing up to the right wing.

one referred to Gauri as spunky, there was good reason. She took on right wing activists belonging to the RSS, BJP and their various fringe organisations. There was no doubt she had made a considerable number of enemies. There were times when she became the target of verbal attacks from her political opponents. She was roughed up a few times. But she never seemed to give up. thing one can say with certainty in recent years there has been no other journalist in Karnataka with the courage to speak her mind openly,
adidas flock hoody Journalist Gauri Lankesh shot dead in Bengaluru
publicly without mincing words.

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