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Second post on how to use the Polar RS800cx PTE concerns the temperature!

One of the nice features of the watch, is the ability to register the environment temperature during your exercise! Best way to get a good readout is not to wear the watch on your wrist during the ride, but place it on the handle bar mount.

But again there is something a bit strange on how to get the temperature data When you finished a free exercise, you be able to get a quick overview in the log file on the watch itself through the File>ExerciseLog menu!
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In this log, you notice that the temperature is registered. But when you transfer the log to the Polar ProTrainer 5 software, the temperature will not be visible in the overview graph!

This phenomenon is due to the fact the the Polar ProTrainer 5 will only show temperature readout for each lap during the exercise!! Meaning that per default you will not have a lap when you start a free exercise!
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To solve this problem, you have to start a lap manually at the beginning of the exercise.

First up an overview of the main screen:

Secondly the first detailed feature:

Using a speed or cadence sensor

When buying the PTE edition of the RS800CX you get a bundled speed and cadence sensor! But if you buy a regular RS800CX, you can add sensors later on.

Getting the sensors in sink with the watch isn actually a big problem. But what most people will have trouble with, like myself the first time, is the fact that you won see any data appearing the first time you start a free training.

This is due to the fact that the first time you start a training with the Polar watch,
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you have to select what type of material you be using during the training! So in my case, my bike.

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