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The champs are here!

In a fun twist, Dancing With the Stars welcomed back six of its most beloved champions from the last 24 seasons to dance with the six remaining celebrities on Monday night. And they proved to have the magic touch step for many of the stars, with Jordan Fisher even delivering a perfect night, getting a 60 out of 60. Sadly, one couple was sent home just before the season 25 semi finals.

In jeopardy at the end of the night were Terrell Owens and Cheryl Burke, and Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson. And the latest couple eliminated from the competition was Terrell and Cheryl. “I had a great time, she was a great teacher,” Terrell said. and Kelly. “That man is sculpted out of heaven,” Kelly gushed, and later promised to go on a date with him if they got a perfect score. Sadly, the judges weren’t down to play wingmen, all wishing for more choreography. They received a 24/30, but some of the troupe dancers did Terrell a solid and awarded him a 30/30! Anyone else rooting for Terrell and Kelly to actually go on that date? Talk about a hot couple.

Drew Scott and Emma Slater: 22/30

Coming off of a great week, the pressure was on for the Property Brothers star with his waltz, which he was dedicating to his fianc Linda. “She’s that one person in my life that I couldn’t live without her,” Drew said to Emma, adding, “Just like you and Sasha.” Awww! While the judges liked the emotion in the performance, Carrie Ann Inaba said Drew “stiffened” a bit and Len Goodman noticed he loses his frame a lot.

Last season’s winner Rashad Jennings joined the couple for their trio, with the champ turning into Drew’s “swag coach.” The judges felt Rashad definitely upped Drew’s game, but did note he had a hard time keeping up at times. 25/30.

Victoria Arlen and Val Chmerkovskiy: 24/30

As if dealing with being in jeopardy last week wasn’t enough, Victoria suffered a spasm in rehearsal earlier in the day, but was able to push through the pain to perform their tango. For the judges, it was good, not great. “I didn’t feel as strong as I felt before the spasm. But overcoming that, getting out of that scared mindset helps me go out there,
adidas training pt Just as He Was Making a Possible Love Connection
” Victoria said. “It wasn’t as good as it could have been, but given the circumstances, I’m very happy with it.”

Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas: 26/30

Speaking of rebounding from an injury, Lindsey was still dealing with her serious rib injury, and was dealt one of the toughest dances, the paso doble, to conquer. “I’m really taking care of my body, I can tell it’s not swelling,” she said. “And I worked on getting my spirit back. Now that I feel like I’m not broken anymore, I feel like I can do it.” However, Len noticed she “didn’t look quite as sure footed” as she usually does, and Carrie Ann admitted it looked “funky” at moments.

Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson: 26/30

Where do you go after you receive a perfect score? For Frankie and Witney, it was a romantic waltz, and for the Malcolm in the Middle star, he was still battling his own self doubt. But he had no reason to doubt himself, really, as Carrie Ann said “that was the closest thing to perfection” of the night. And after their dance, Frankie sort of promised: “If we make it to, like, week eight or nine, which hopefully we do, I’ll take my shirt off.” Get to voting, Frankie fans. (But he did look TERRIFIED.)

Talk about a perfect pairing: Former Disney star Corbin Bleu showed up to perform with the former Disney star. And Jordan revealed seeing Corbin in High School Musical inspired him to pursue a career in entertainment. “I’ve never seen a mixed kid doing movies and TV. It’s like, that’s what I want to do.” After many bro hugs, their fast paced salsa rendered the judges speechless. As for Len, he said, “Normally they say two is company, three is a crowd. On this occasion, three was perfect.” 30/30. DUH.
adidas training pt Just as He Was Making a Possible Love Connection

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