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“Some of the hardest sentences are not the rapes or armed robberies, it’s what happens to people who commit lesser infractions, whether to send them to prison or not,” he said.

“Giving a six month sentence can be harder than a seven or eight year sentence.”

Parks said some of the most memorable cases during the years include those of Jeffrey D. Lundgren and Ronald B. Luff, who were involved in killings by a Kirtland based cult.

Parks also handled the case of Donald J. Soke, who was convicted of murdering an Eastlake woman.

In the early 1990s, Parks heard all three of those cases within a year and a half.

More recently, he ruled in favor of a developer in a high profile zoning dispute with the city of Mentor.

Fellow Common Pleas Judge Eugene A. Lucci said Parks is a great guy.

“He has served the county extremely well,” Lucci said. “The county is going to miss him, and whoever replaces him has some big shoes to fill.”

Lake County Prosecutor Charles E. Coulson was surprised at how quickly Parks’ resignation came about.

“I heard rumors he wasn’t going to run again, but this happening so quickly is a shock,” he said.

“He has been one of our good judges in Lake County and we are going to miss him.”

Parks’ father,
mens adidas joggers Judge set to resign
John M. Parks, was a Lake County Common Pleas Court judge for many years.

Parks still uses his father’s former courtroom.

Parks could have moved into a new first floor courtroom during renovations currently under way at the courthouse, but chose to stay where he was because of his sentimental attachment.

Coulson said he always enjoyed arguing cases in front of Judge Parks.

“As a young assistant prosecutor, I used to practice in his father’s court,” Coulson said.

“When (Martin) took over his father’s court, there seemed to be a nostalgia there because that gave me almost 30 years of practicing in front of a Judge Parks. Now, it’s over.”

Lake County Elections Board Director Janet F. Clair has known the Parks family for years.

“That bench itself is near and dear to my heart, knowing his father for a number of years,” Clair said. “He’s a fine jurist and a fine friend, and I wish him well.”

Callender, who has argued cases before Parks, said the judge has been an outstanding jurist.

“That bench was a respected bench for two generations,
mens adidas joggers Judge set to resign
” Callender said. “It will be nearly impossible to fill those shoes. Marty Parks has a great compassion for those who come before his courtroom.”

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