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When somebody buys a home in the $4 million Windsor Park condominium development, they are getting a soundproof, fireproof, maintenance free residence.

Each home ranges between 850 and 1,800 square feet, with prices ranging from $170,000 to $350,000. The homes are designed for condo owners 45 years and older.

The project is expected to be complete by late September, said Trevor Switzer, the building’s project manager who works for Span West Construction.

The building is constructed of pre constructed concrete slabs that have taut steel rods embedded to improve structural integrity.

But a structurally strong building isn’t the only benefit of this construction method, said Switzer.

“We have a soundproof and fireproof environment on every floor. It’s a unique structure that way,” he said.

To improve the soundproofing of building, there are no shared walls. Between one apartment, and the next, is an insulated wall, a cavity and then another insulated wall

“We want quiet when we want quiet,” Switzer said. “But if you want to have kids and grandkids over, they can run around and make noise, and it’s not audible in the next home.

“I mean, literally, you can have grandkids running around in the hallways and nobody would know that’s how quiet it is.

“The biggest concern most people have in an apartment style building is noise, and we’ve overcome that problem.”

Another feature of the building is it requires less maintenance work.

“The whole concept of the building is to be maintenance free,” Switzer said. “When you move in here, you don’t have to do the work you would do in a single family environment. All you would need to do is maintain the inside of your home.”

Somebody else cuts the grass, and shovels the snow.

“As an investor, if you came here age 55, say you were, hypothetically, at the point of retirement, you’re done. You’ve done your work. All you do is live in your house.”

Each home is also different from the others. For instance, some cupboards are made of oak, while others are made of maple.

“What I do is vary things, so everything is a unique custom home,” Switzer said.

Even the layout can be customized during the construction phase.

Some who have already bought homes chose to have larger living rooms while others wanted more bedrooms.

Despite the fact the building is state of the art, it doesn’t go overboard, Switzer said.

“The building is not ostentatious at all, he said. “It’s built pragmatically because our clients (expect that). Small town clients are different than big city clients; they’re looking for value, and that’s what we provide.”
adidas originals zx A place in Wetaskiwin fit for a king or queen

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