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“Being the guy is important, but just being on a team that can win is more important,” Goodin said Wednesday at the adidas Gauntlet Series Finale at North Gwinnett High School. “I feel like if I went to Western, I could be one of those key guys to put them in a good situation in the tournament.”

At first glance, WKU seems like it might have an uphill climb to land Goodin over the other suitors in his final five Michigan, Xavier, Miami and Florida.

But the Hilltoppers have plenty on their side in the chase for a player who would likely be their most prominent catch during the “stars” era on recruiting sites.

WKU is relatively close to Goodin’s native Campbellsville. There’s a longstanding relationship between the Tops and the guard, and the bonds only got stronger when WKU brought assistant coach Chris Shumate on board.

But more than anything, Goodin said he appreciates coaches who show they genuinely want him on their team.

WKU began its July blitz of the rising senior Wednesday on the first day of the evaluation period, with Shumate and head coach Ray Harper taking in Goodin’s late night game with Indiana Elite.

“I feel really comfortable,” Goodin said. ” . I just feel like those are the five schools who really wanted me to come play for them.”

Goodin said “I’ve got all my trust in coach Harper,” but it’s Shumate who helped keep WKU on his list when he trimmed it to five last month.

That list changed last week when Goodin dropped Louisville for Michigan after going months without any direct contact from the Cardinals.

Goodin said he also started to lose contact with WKU at one point, until Shumate joined the staff from Tennessee. Shumate recruited Goodin for the Volunteers and is friends with Taylor County High School coach Rich Gatewood.

“When he went there, he instantly started blowing up my phone, telling me more about the program that I didn’t know that they’re a winning program and the attendance and everything,” Goodin said of Shumate. “He had an impact on me immediately.”

Goodin said he’s “cutting off” other programs outside his final five, although some have tried to re enter his recruitment, including LSU.

Some of his other finalists were represented at Wednesday’s game, and although that attendance won’t make up his mind, Goodin said he certainly notices who’s in the stands.

“I feel like if you’re not really watching me, you don’t really want me,” he said.

Goodin finished with eight points, three steals, two rebounds and two assists in Wednesday’s 80 63 victory over Utah Prospects.

He averaged 21.3 points per game last season for Taylor County. He shot 51 percent from the floor and added 6.1 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game.

“Quentin has a great IQ,” Gatewood said. “When I first got here, he’d never played in any big games before, in a high school setting. That was the difference between his sophomore and junior year. And that’s why his senior year, I’m expecting him to have a big year. His sophomore year, we probably played in two big games, and this past year, we probably played in 10 big games.”

Goodin’s father, Chris, said he started to realize his son had special talents when he was about 8 years old.

Chris Goodin got Quentin involved in an AAU program a couple of years later, and it’s been a wild ride ever since, filled with highs and lows.

“It’s been awesome to watch him grow,” Chris Goodin said. “You go through the beginning stages, which are the questions as to why he may or may not get to do certain things. You get to the point of, ‘Well, maybe he can’t do it,’ and you go through the doubt. And then you get to the success parts of it, where he overcomes the doubts and now we’re here. It’s been challenging, but very good.”

Chris Goodin said he thinks at times his son has been undervalued nationally, and that the only disappointing part about others’ opinions is that it has cost Quentin a few opportunities to showcase his abilities.

But for Quentin, that’s the fuel for his fire. He was ranked 71st in the country in Rivals’ latest rankings released Friday, down from No. 62 in the previous rankings.

“That gets me going every day and makes me stay humble and in the gym,” he said. “It makes me feel like I’m still a nobody now. I’ve still got to work to prove to people that I’m a somebody.”

Chris Goodin said he and Quentin have discussed making a college decision before the high school basketball season begins in December.

Quentin Goodin said he’s looking to take official visits around the time of college football games so he can get the full campus experience.

“I want to get the feel of being a college player there at that school, and how they do things, how they prepare for gamedays, how they prepare for practice, how and where they sleep in the dorms and the atmosphere basically everything that’s going to be around you for the next four years,” he said.
adidas sports leggings A top priority

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