adidas trainer A New Age in Equipment Design

adidas tracksuit A New Age in Equipment Design

Sports are always evolving. Every year the newest and latest versions of sports equipment is coming out. As technology increases, so does the quality of equipment, clothing, and apparel.

Sports clothing is becoming very unique to every sport and even wicks away the sweat that your body creates. Certain types of golf clubs have unique designs and materials to help the ball go farther and more accurately. The advancements are ongoing and exciting. One sport that has also had a lot of innovative advancements is Tennis. Every year racquets are getting better, shoes are more comfortable, and balls are keeping more of their bounce. In this article we will go over just a few of the new advancements that have been brought to tennis by some of the leading innovative companies.

First of all, HEAD has introduced superior technologies to bring in their latest YOUTEK line. They guarantee that this line of equipment will give you individual benefits that will enhance your performance and playing style. These new racquets apparently adapt to each shot that you hit and have an increased head width. This increased width gives you more opportunity to control the spin of the ball, which helps for styles that are more aggressive. Tennis has become an aggressive sport so the technology is finally catching up with the attitude.

This YOUTEK line has two new main models: the Extreme Pro, and the Extreme MP. The Extreme Pro is a heavier, stiffer racquet and gives you extra touch, spin and power on the ball. The Extreme MP adds a very unique balance of weight and quickness to complement the modern tennis player.

Another big advancement is Adidas new training shoe. It is called the CYD reflex and goes for about a hundred bucks in the United States. This shoe is predominantly a training shoe and is not geared for competition. The unique parts to this shoe are that they are made to support sudden movements and quick reflexes. Speedcut is the latest Adidas technology that helps to reduce strain on the front of the foot and helps to support side to side movements. This helps players to keep their speed and performance without resulting in injury. It gives arch support and are built tough so that they are not easily scratched. They compare it to being a seat belt for your foot.

Lastly, Dunlop has released a new braiding technology for their racquets. It is 4D braiding which increases overall racquet stability. It helps to increase control and reduce bad tension. This gives players an added sense of touch and feel to their racquets and helps them become more comfortable as they improve their style of play.

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adidas trainer A New Age in Equipment Design

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