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As we move into the second half of season seven, “Game of Thrones” fans are hit with the hard reality that their favorite fantasy, action, sci fi, comedy, political drama series is about to come to an end.

But the end of the “Game of Thrones” universe is far from over. Could this mean we’re getting close to the release of the series’ sixth installment, “The Winds of Winter?” It would be the first since 2011.

I can’t say for sure. Martin is known for taking what seems like ages to finish his novels, but I get it. Can you imagine having created a world that large in your head? But there can still be an appeal to the books for those who haven’t read them. They’re vastly different from the show, especially later on in the series.

A few points: the nasty events at the end of season five that brought about the demise of the Baratheon line haven’t happened. Euron has Dragonbinder, a horn that can control dragons. There’s also another Targaryen (not Jon Snow) who comes into the mix.

For those of you who prefer watching rather than reading, fear not, because HBO has your back. Martin’s vast and rich universe,” according to a May 4 article from USA Today.

There are a number of possibilities for this with plenty of existing source material. “A World of Ice and Fire,” a companion book to the main series, dives into the details of the lives of each Targaryen King, as well as the rise of each of Westeros’ great houses.

There’s even the histories of the Rhoynar, the First Men and the Andals. Remember them? They’re all those people that you’ve never actually seen before, but everyone who lists their king or queen credentials claims to maintain rule over.

The book is also packed with amazing drawings of some of the characters and noteworthy strongholds seen in the show and the books. There’s a rendering of Casterly Rock that puts its portrayal in the show to utter shame.

But for now, we still have to see what happens with the story at hand.

I saw no way we could have a seven episode penultimate season and a six episode final season that didn’t feel like they were sprinting toward the finish line. But here we are, episode four of seven, and we’ve seen little real action, save that horrific Euron Greyjoy surprise attack in episode two.

Important things are happening, sure.

This is due largely to the recent obliteration of virtually all her Westerosi allies. A clear victor in the feud of the Greyjoys has emerged in Euron, and Dorne, with the death of the Sand Snakes and the imprisonment of Ellaria Sand, is down for the count.

Even in what was without doubt the most satisfying scene of last week’s episode, Dany lost the support of Highgarden when Lannister forces effortlessly invaded. The scene ended with the poisoning of Lady Olenna, who, only after consuming the poison, confessed to Jaime that it was she poisoned King Joffrey.

So where does that leave us? Dany is in real bad shape and it’s looking like the only potential ally left for her to take advantage of is already in her midst, and asking for allegiance. Jon Snow has other priorities, but Dany now has no choice if she wants to make any moves at all. She needs him.

I also assumed we’d be getting the battle of the queens out of the way before turning our attention to the battle against the dead. This is beginning to feel foolish. You can’t assume anything about this show.

With Dany desperate for Jon’s support, she could be swayed to come to his aide, especially if she’s made to understand what they’re up against. But we haven’t even seen much of the white walkers this season, so who knows which threat will become imminent first.
la adidas trainers A look at life after 'Game of Thrones'

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