adidas bottoms Adidas Takes ‘High Fashion’ To Another Level

adidas boys trainers Adidas Takes ‘High Fashion’ To Another Level

According to this article on Mashable, these shoes were launched on April 20th (4/20), the day when marijuana aficionados gather to celebrate and smoke marijuana. Bait has stores in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle; all cities where 420 festivals take center stage on that date.

The shoe itself is made of natural hemp, printed to look like ‘nugs’ of dried cannabis, with a label on the tongue that looks like a medical cannabis prescription label, reading: “High potency superior quality” and a tag that says, “Dosage: 420MG Take at least once.”

These shoes were only available by having ones’ name chosen through a raffle, and only then, if chosen, would the individual would have the option of purchasing a pair for $120.

Though the raffle is over, and the Happy 420 Adidas can’t be found in a store, there are currently quite a few pairs available from private sellers on eBay just for quite a bit more than the original $120 price tag.
adidas bottoms Adidas Takes 'High Fashion' To Another Level

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