adidas beckenbauer black Lisa Nehus Saxon paved the way for female sportswriters

adidas honey Lisa Nehus Saxon paved the way for female sportswriters

This was already after she was ordered out of the team pregame locker room and physically picked up and removed, and would then have an intern assigned to follow and watch her every move not just the rest of the day but the entire series.

All because she was a woman. Institutional biases had been chipped away but as with most genuine proper change, it can move at a resistant pace. But Scully stressed the point: Be the best version of yourself. Find your own authentic voice. Imitating others limits yourself, as he tried to tell other broadcasters.

Nehus Saxon will confirm how that life lesson not only resonates today, but also why there no question the Dodgers Hall of Fame broadcaster is finally more than worthy for inclusion in the Baseball Reliquary Shrine of the Eternals. ceremony at the Pasadena Central Library, so Baseball Reliquary executive director Terry Cannon asked Nehus Saxon to say a few words on Scully behalf.

She can do that and then some.

For love of the game

Growing up on Minnehaha Street in Granada Hills, Nehus Saxon remembers Vin Scully voice bathing the neighborhood through stereo speakers as everyone was sitting outside with swamp coolers and the sprinklers running. She made her own scorecards and would score the games.

Before she even graduated with a journalism degree from Cal State Northridge, she was covering sports at the Daily News.

In November 2014, Vice Sports put out a story entitled Saxon, the Woman Who Helped Change Sports Writing Forever. The headline was accurate. Raiders for the Long Beach Press Telegram and wrote columns for the Riverside Press Enterprise before she was part of staff layoffs in 2001. It was, in horrific hindsight, an embarrassing period of time for the business.

The Vice story, expanded from a piece originally done for the Palisades News, focused on how Pacific Palisades resident Nehus Saxon, as well as other women covering baseball in the 1980s and were expected to put up with all sort of abuse, unequal rights and immaturity by teams, players and even managers who were slow to even offer just a little decency and compassion.

Nehus Saxon said the Angels Reggie Jackson verbally abused her and to a point where teammates worried it would get physical. She also said the Dodgers Steve Sax sexually harassed her.

all knew it wasn right,
adidas beckenbauer black Lisa Nehus Saxon paved the way for female sportswriters
but there were no rules established. The term harassment wasn even part of the vernacular then. I just dealt with standards and tried to show them I could be serious and wanted to do the job.

never drew attention to myself. I didn make a big fuss. It might sound silly but it wasn until I left that I gained that perspective. there is some parallel to how Jackie Robinson broke the baseball color barrier in 1947 but didn make it any easier for those following him years later, it applies to Nehus Saxon in that, after women in the late sued for the right to locker room access, common sense didn take root overnight.

you compare it to Jackie Robinson, I have to disagree, Nehus Saxon said. he did at the park was incredibly difficult. But he couldn go out in public either. At least I could go to Nordstrom and shop for shoes. sense of humor and developing thick skin only goes so far when you eventually have a breakdown and receive a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which she still deals with.

was a very shy person who loved baseball, knew baseball and loved writing, she admitted. with all that, I think I found my voice. But maybe baseball wasn ready for me back then.

Besides, there would be bigger challenges in her life a breast cancer recovery in 2013, for example.

kept that baseball mentality just keep moving forward, she said. feel sorry for yourself. I not a quitter. when Nehus Saxon went to a theater to see the Jackie Robinson movie for the first time in 2013, she was surprised that tears streamed down her face at one point.

conversations were so similar can we really put a woman on the baseball beat? she said. really happened. And maybe I was just too na new direction

The same year she was let go by the Press Enterprise, Nehus Saxon won another Top 10 award in column writing by The Associated Press.

Her career path eventually turned toward teaching. At 57, she has finished her sixth and final year as the journalism instructor at Palisades Charter High, moving onto a job as the school assistant athletic director. She continue teaching sports media at Santa Monica College.
adidas beckenbauer black Lisa Nehus Saxon paved the way for female sportswriters

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