adidas brown trainers Lite Splash

adidas shop online Lite Splash

Made from Ethylene vinyl acetate these are a pair of the lightest golf shoes I have ever worn quite surprisingly given how bulky they appear on your feet.

It didn’t take long for me to put their waterproof qualities to the test, one shot no less, as I elegantly topped my opening drive off the tee to a ditch now more than 100 yards to my left.

There can be a remarkable amount of (zig zag) walking involved when playing golf and footwear is a very underrated part of a golfer’s attire. A number of golf shoes I have tested have left me covered in blisters but the comfort factor inside the V Lite splash was second to none.

One of the best features of the shoe is the anti bacterial sock liner. This accessory eliminates foot odour and its easy maintenance means that after use, you can just take out the sock liner, run through the tap, dry off with a cloth and play again.

With a variety of inclines and surfaces to tackle on a course, grip is incredibly important. The V Lite is fitted with Champ Stinger III cleats that feature Q Lok receptacles to ensure that you won’t lose your footing even on the most demanding shot.
adidas brown trainers Lite Splash

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