adidas originals powerphase Lobos auctioning over 10 years of surplus athletic gear

adidas tracksuit women Lobos auctioning over 10 years of surplus athletic gear

(KRQE) Decades of history across dozens of Lobo sports teams is going up for auction.

Starting Friday, the University of New Mexico Lobos’ Athletic Department will auction off thousands of pieces of surplus athletic gear, equipment and decorations used in and around the university’s various sports like basketball, football, baseball and soccer.

The sale marks one of the Athletic Department’s first in years. UNM’s Deputy Athletic Director for External Operations Brad Hutchins says the more than 7,000 items up for auction represent “eight to ten years” worth of surplus athletic sports gear the Lobos have built up.

“When you factor build up for a number of years, this is what happens,” said Hutchins. “This is truly team gear, and it’s our fans chance to get something.”

One of the biggest caches of up for auction gear comes from the football program, including game jerseys with various numbers, extra jerseys and practice gear. Dozens of pairs of cleats are also up for grabs, typically between sizes 10 to 15 and larger. The gear includes both new and used items.

Other decorative items go back to the early 2000’s.

“This goes back to 2004, Rocky Long times,” said Hutchins of series of plaques given to out to people for the Lobos bowl game appearances.

Various poster panels that used to hang in the Athletics Department offices are also up for grabs. The posters showcase divisions of various Lobo football teams from 2010 and other years.

Age is also evident on some of the gear, which carries old versions of the Mountain West Conference logo, and even Adidas logos. Adidas previously supplied the Lobos with athletic gear until Nike took over the contract.

“That’s a long time ago, that’s before 2006 07,” said Hutchins.

Basketball gear appears to make up the majority of what UNM is auctioning off, including shoes, home,
adidas originals powerphase Lobos auctioning over 10 years of surplus athletic gear
away and alternate color uniforms, warm up clothing, polo shirts and more. Some of the clothing has NCAA logos visibily sitched on it, indicating that it was altered for an NCAA tournament appearance

“Everybody loves Roman Martinez these are definitely his shorts from his time playing here,” said Hutchins. “You like Cam Bairstow era? That’s the shorts that they wore.”

While the gear does not have the names of players on it, there are other indicators of who is belonged to.

“Remember Dionne Marsh?” said Hutchins pointing to a practice jersey with the number 33. Marsh was a UNM women’s basketball standout through 2007 08.

“Some of our great players have worn these jerseys,” said Hutchins.

A few other unique items are some clear call backs to the Lobos past, including old felt banners that hung in The Pit, and old cloth vests that arena attendants used to wear, emblazoned with the Lobos’ old wolf logo.

UNM says it’s selling the gear to make more room in storage, but also money.

“I mean obviously if you look at our budget, we need to generate as many revenues as possible, and that’s where this is coming into play,” said Hutchins.

They’re hopeful to sell most of it, guessing that the auction could make between $20,000 to $30,000 total. However, Hutchins says it could be “more or less” and that it’s hard to tell exactly how much the department will make.

The proceeds of the auction will go back into the UNM Athletic Department’s budget. Bently’s Auction also gets a cut of the sale through an existing contract it has selling the university’s other surplus equipment.

“You know if it doesn’t (sell), we’ll bring it back in house and work on another sale,” said Hutchins,
adidas originals powerphase Lobos auctioning over 10 years of surplus athletic gear
who says the department aims to do these types of sales every two years from here forward.

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