adidas snood Living in the Jordan neighborhood

adidas tracksuit jacket Living in the Jordan neighborhood

Many times when I tell people I live in north Minneapolis, they ask about crime and if I fear for my safety. I don’t try to convince them that my neighborhood is paradise. Instead, I tell them the Jordan neighborhood is in the process of development. I tell them it has its share of problems, but that it also has a lot going for it. And I add, ‘No, I don’t fear for my safety.’

My wife and I bought a beautiful little bungalow here last January. We had looked in several different neighborhoods and found houses that were way overpriced. The house we found was a great price a steal in today’s market but we weren’t quite sure about the neighborhood.

The real estate agent was frank with us when she said the store on the corner near the house attracted a lot of foot traffic and noise. And as an urban affairs reporter, I was familiar with some of the challenges with crime in the area. But when the agent introduced us to some of the neighbors in the area, and told us that she and her husband were buying a house just up the street, we decided to buy the house.

We figured that if we were going to live in a developing neighborhood, we better have a good support network. And we do.

Besides the house, our neighbors are the best thing about living where we do. We have a core group of about 15 to 20 neighbors who are committed to making the neighborhood a better place to live. Whether it’s picking up trash in the area, chasing away drug dealers on the corner, or as we are doing this summer planting a community garden, the neighbors are doing what they can.

Of course there’s a lot that needs to change. Poverty and hopelessness appear to be the biggest contributors to the problems in the neighborhood. We are a small group of active neighbors. And it is sometimes overwhelming when one considers the forces working against our goals of creating a safe and prosperous neighborhood for all residents. Our hope is that whatever little things we do will inspire others to join us, or work on their own improvement projects.
adidas snood Living in the Jordan neighborhood

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