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‘Kiss of Deaf’ could lead to permanent hearing lossA New York audiology professor has tracked down dozens of victims of what he calls, “the kiss of deaf” an innocent kiss on the ear opening that creates such strong suction, it tugs on the ear drum and leads to permanent hearing loss.

Dr. Levi Reiter said children and babies are especially vulnerable because their ear canals are so small.

He’s preparing to submit his most recent findings to the International Journal of Audiology.

by Diana Pereira (CityNews and.

Mayor Rob Ford calls it a win for tax payers, despite some inside worker’s rejecting the city’s latest offer.

Ford said the agreements give the city the ability to improve service while keeping tabs on costs.

Ford said the deal reached covers 90 per cent of Toronto’s inside workers and is fair to them while saving taxpayers money.

“We’ve been working very hard to find efficiencies and reduce costs down here at City Hall,” Ford explained. “This labour agreement is the next step in a very important process.”

“I’m very happy to say the following services will continue,” Ford said. “Childcare, long term care homes, public health, planning applications and building permits, bylaw enforcement, court, water, shelter and housing support.”

Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday said the workers showed wisdom in ratifying the contract.

“We’d like to commend the employees who I think made a realistic and proper decision here in supporting the agreements,” Holyday stated.

Part time recreation centre workers and long term care employees voted down the offer.

The healthcare workers are essential and will go to arbitration, but a strike by the parks and recreation part timers is still possible.

by Diana Pereira (CityNews and. 3/29/2012 7:28:14 PM

RIM to release its fourth quarter numbersResearch in Motion releases its fourth quarter numbers after the markets close this afternoon. RIM’s marketing folks are going to have to spin this pretty hard to find those silver linings.”

Some of those “silver linings,” and successes, Levy expects to be RIM’s growth around the globe, “even though they’ve been losing market share in North America, their subscriber base is growing tremendously in places like Africa, Asia, and India, and they’re really pushing aggressively to boost market share and boost margin.”

Levy also points out RIM turns a decent profit on every device it sells, “as well as on every services contract that is signed, both for consumers and for businesses.”

“This is a company that is still making money, they’re not going to lose money, they’re still going to make money, it will be less money than it was, but it remains profitable, and we’re looking for signs that perhaps the rate of slow down is starting to turn, so that the worst, as RIM would like to believe, may very well be behind it, and now it sets the stage for something of a recovery.” said Levy.

With this being Thorsten Heins first time as CEO for a quarterly earnings report Levy speculates RIM’s new man at the top will do well, “I think we’re going to be watching for him, to set his own agenda, and to put his own stamp on the company,” he said.
girls adidas tracksuits Live coverage

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