adidas gym bag Kirtland residents introduce backyard lifestyle shoe created for yardwork

pink adidas football boots Kirtland residents introduce backyard lifestyle shoe created for yardwork

Visions for entrepreneurship and starting businesses vary, but it a safe presumption that not many of them are engendered while mowing the lawn. Yet that exactly what Shawn Langton was doing when he had his epiphany.

Shawn decided it was time to produce footwear specifically designed for yardwork and other backyard lifestyle activity. Kujo Yardwear is the startup Shawn, a former vice president of sales at the wall graphics company, Fathead, and his family envisioned. Kujo launched the yard shoe on Kickstarter in early July.

brother was mowing in shoes like this, said Kelsey Langton Martin at her home, holding up a single curled shoe, stained and practically shredded from constant use. has a very slight hill, so he kept slipping, couldn get any traction, and grass and water kept getting in his shoes. He started looking online trying to find a shoe design for yardwork and he couldn really find anything.

a shoe guy and he loves his yard. It been about three years since we started research and development on these shoes. In our research and development, we tried to determine what was most important to people. Number one was water resistance. Durability and style were the others. That been the biggest difference. It a hybrid between an athletic shoe that light and breathable, and a boot that durable. We blended it all together. 11px;

The only existing footwear the Kujo team could find was the garden clog, slip in shoes, a fact that propelled a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign. Given only a 30 day window, Kujo has tallied $20,569. The campaign has an Aug. 2 end date.

Craig Martin, Kelsey husband, who grew up in Chardon,
adidas gym bag Kirtland residents introduce backyard lifestyle shoe created for yardwork
said that the soles of the shoes absorb impact, which also provide comfort in landscaping work.

athletic shoes have an EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) midsole, as compared to a rubber sole. With our shoes, we have very thick, 6 millimeter lugs (with rubber soles). It also got the flexibility and functionality for gardening. We also wanted something stylish, a premium product. They go through significant factory quality assurance, too. We in this balance between wanting to wear them all the time to do our own quality assurance of and not wanting to touch them too much because we need them for pictures before mass production.

The overall goal of the company and brand is to provide the utility of backyard footwear for people who get out and enjoy their yards, Kelsey said.

emphasis is about a yard culture. We want people to wear them while working in their yards, after working in their yards, during barbecues.

also don want to be just a footwear company, but a backyard brand (company), Kelsey said. already had Brett design some gardening gloves as well as protective socks. That our next step.

kind of amazing no brand is really owning this space, like The North Face does with outdoor adventure, he said. one is owning the barbecue, the playing with the kids, the playing with the dogs, landscape your yard (space). We starting with the shoe, but we don want to pitch ourselves as a shoe company. We a backyard lifestyle brand.

Eventually, the founders would like to have Kujo available in retail outlets like Foot Locker and Dick Sporting Goods, though Craig (software, web apps,
adidas gym bag Kirtland residents introduce backyard lifestyle shoe created for yardwork
) and Kelsey (branding and marketing) both agree the business will serve as a 50 percent e commerce and 50 percent direct to consumer/retailers model.