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Kim Kardashian Gold perfume is the second and most recent addition to Kim’s successful perfume line. It is now number two to her first signature Kim Kardashian for Women by Kim Kardashian scent. Time will tell is the sales of Gold will surpass the success that the first scent has had. No doubt that we could say that everything Kim touches turns to “gold” anyway, hence this perfume is branded almost perfectly.

Kim Kardashian Gold perfume is being described as a new modern fragrance that reflects Kim’s glamorous side. The branding is a tribute to her high fashion look, which includes incorporating jewelry and more specifically gold pieces into her sense of style. She is definitely a fashion risk taker and never finds anything to be too over the top. Kim is a high paparazzi target and is always in the spotlight; she knows the her looks are her best asset and are the reason she’s been so famous so fast.

Gold jewlery is also the color best suited for her skin. She is always sporting a nice bronzed skin colouring, probably from regular spray tanning sessions, bronzing lotions and powders, living in beautiful sunny Los Angeles, and no doubt the fact that she is of Armenian genetic descent.

Gold by Kim Kardashian is a fragrance that has a unique combination of different exotic scents. The aromas include some of the following:

Citrus notes: bergamot (orange scent); grapefruit; and pink pepper

Floral notes: jasmine; rose; and soft violet

Spicy earthy notes: patchouli; sandalwood; and amber

The new Kim Kardashian Gold perfume is meant to be more of a summer, or late spring scent, even though the gold and black packaging might have you visualizing something more warm for fall and winter. However, it wouldn’t be the first summer perfume to be sold in a gold bottle. The bottle shape retains its signature look with Kim’s unique double K logo represented on the front as well. When it’s released it will be offered as a 50ml or 100ml bottle of eau de parfum starting at $64 USD. Those who are perfume collectors won’t have any problem with this. However, there are a lot of others who may wish to wait for other Kim Kardashian Gold perfume products such as:
adidas stockholm Kim Kardashian Gold Perfume